Welcome to Lead Market Watch!

Our goal is to make your business succeed by utilizing information, by watching how your customers behave and by watching how the market leaders in your industry do their thing. It’s all about information and knowledge. These are the most powerful things in the world – and we specialize in it.

We apply our decades of knowledge to your marketing plans and strategies. We combine it with the data that we gather such as what your target market’s focus, needs, and wants are and many more. We create adaptive marketing plans and strategies that can respond to minute changes in the market’s behavior.

Why Us?

We monitor your website.

24/7 website monitoring to ensure that your website is always accessible. We configure your website so that it’s always on and we even provide hosting and development services if you opt-in to create your website via WordPress.

We help you gather information and interpret that information.

We generate accurate and near-perfect analytics and analysis that you can use to ensure that you can make the right choice. We also interpret the data to make it easier to digest, even your 10-year-old niece can understand what it is (well, actually not because it has business jargons, but if she learns the meaning of those business jargons, we bet you she’ll be capable of making the best marketing decisions).

We love our clients.

We’ll work closely with you so that we can fully understand what your business is. We’ll put ourselves in your shoes and we’ll become one with you so that we can see what kind of vision you have for your business, which will allow us to make only the best marketing decisions.

We help you create high quality and unique content.

We only do custom copywriting. We don’t use templates (ok, maybe we do, but our end results are always 90% different from others and from our other clients). We write using your voice. We write targeting your audience. We write according to your location and nature of your business. We create output that is uniquely yours and is search engine optimized.

We have a 30-day money back guarantee.

Not what you expected? Too far from our projected results? Get your money back, no questions asked! Yes, we are that confident with our skills, we are willing to pay you back, with 5% bonus if we can’t deliver the results you expected.

We’re exhibitionists.

Finally, we don’t have any hidden charges and we’re very transparent about our methods! We’ll tell you everything we do from start to finish and we’ll tell you how we did something and how did we come up with our stuff. We lay our methods and tactics spreadeagle exposed.

Ready to get started? Contact us today!

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