Marketing Data Analysis

Data is important and it’s easy to gather.  But you can just go ahead, gather data on a certain stuff and interpret it and say, “all good” or perhaps “this needs improvement.”

We don’t do that.

We analyze how to gather data effectively and interpret it. Our analysis doesn’t just start on the most prominent variables affecting your business. We start by analyzing how to start analyzing.

We don’t just measure stuff. We measure what is important. We don’t waste time, effort and money analyzing things that have no impact on your business’s performance. However, we will gather every last bit of information from your website and carefully choose which of them to analyze, interpret and create reports and suggestions on.

What do we do?

Develop the best research plan to find and define the problem.

We find and define problems with your company. You may already have a list of problems and things that can be improved upon, so we’ll work on that, however, we’ll still make sure that those are just the only problems you have in your company.

It’s easy to overlook things, especially small ones. We’ll check every nook and cranny of your business and marketing channels and find even the smallest cracks and holes. We’ll dig deep and check every comment posted on your social media pages, tweets, blog posts or review sites to ensure that we don’t miss anything. Of course, we won’t do that blindly, like opening your Facebook Page and using CTRL+F (on Windows) to find comments containing stuff, we have a well-defined plan, which we’ll discuss with you.

Once we have a clear view of the problems, from major to minor ones, we start solving them, starting from the smallest one.

Collect data.

Seems easy right? But we go ahead and go further. We’ll find the best methods to collect data about your customers and your marketing strategies. We’ll try to come up with the most efficient and cost-effective way of collecting valuable data.

Analyze the data.

After we’ve gathered enormous amounts of data, we’ll organize it for analysis. We’ll remove irrelevant information and only act on what’s crucial for your success. Then, we’ll have our expert marketing data analysists start working on the important data we’ve collected.

Present the data to you.

We’ve gathered data, organized it to only include the important information and analyzed it. Once we have an understanding of your data, we present it to you in an easy to understand manner.

Make informed decisions.

After those rigorous phases, we’ll work with you to make a decision. Together, with our expert marketing team, we’ll help you create the best decisions that will steer your business to success.

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