Multi-Channel Marketing

What is multi-channel marketing you say? It’s not the one where you advertise on multiple television channels! Multi-channel marketing refers to interacting with customers via different communication channels such as social media platforms, websites, emails, surveys, phone calls, physical stores, etc. Basically, it means doing your marketing efforts not just on one channel, but on many different channels at once. Think of traditional ads – if you air both a radio and a TV ad, it could be counted as a multi-channel marketing, however, the one we’re talking about here is far diverse and interactive than that example.

There are two major kinds of communication channels: direct and indirect. Direct channels are physical stores, direct mail, catalogs, etc. Basically, direct channels are mostly physical channels where the customers physically interact with the company. Indirect channels are emails, social media sites, website, online surveys, etc. Basically, everything that has to do with the internet.

What do we do?

Establish a consistent persona and customer view.

Uniformity is one of the best things there is, so we apply that to our multichannel marketing methods. No matter where you reach your customers, we create a persistent persona and we view the customer all the same.

Why’s it important? Customers are modernized. They interact with your business through different channels. They want to find out a lot about you, so they’ll naturally visit your physical store (if you have one), check your website, view your social media accounts, etc.

We’ll help you create a consistent persona and customer view by gathering data about your customer’s behavior across all channels. We centralize everything, regardless of which channel they came from so that there is a perfect overview of your customers so that you can have a defined view of your audience across all platforms.

Establish a Multi-Channel Marketing Platform

We work only with the best multi-channel marketing platforms to make it easier to plan, create and implement marketing campaigns through multiple channels. In addition to that, we have a dedicated team that will oversee the following:

  1. Campaign management
  2. Analytics
  3. Execution
  4. Planning

In order for you to have a consistent view of your customers, establishing a multi-channel marketing platform is a must. This is the place where we’ll be able to gather information about your customers from all platforms and makes it easier for us to view consolidated data that’ll make it easier to define your audience.

Get Started

Customers aren’t on a single channel anymore. They’re on the internet. They’re visiting your brick and mortar stores. They check out your catalogs and more. It is your job to be able to meet your customers anywhere they are and to deliver the same level of experience no matter where they meet you and multi-channel marketing can help you with that and we can help you with multi-channel marketing.

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